SLT Agenda

Monday, January 14, 2013 7:30AM

Meeting Early this Month to sign off on CEP Goals for 2012/2013

I.      Review of minutes from December 17, 2012 SLT Meeting   (link)

II.     Old Business

  • Cost for Extended Day/Project Success (Title III)

III.     New Business

  • Revise CEP goals for 2012-2013
  • Acuity Test
  • 3rd Grade ELA (administered December 7)
  • 3rd Grade Math (administered December 14)
  • 4th Grade ELA (administered December 5)
  • 4th Grade Math (administered December 12)

IV.     CEP

  • CEP (entire document)
  • CEP 2012-2013 Action Goals
  • CEP Title III Supplemental Program for ELLS

V.      Schedule next meeting –

VI.      Upcoming Topics for Discussion


Documents for Review at each meeting:

CEP (link)

CEP Goals and Action Plan 2012-2013 (link)

Galaxy Allocation:  (link)

Galaxy Table of Organization Budget: (link)

School Demographics (Student/Teacher Ratio including TAs): (link)

Parent Handbook: (link)




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