Shop with Scrip

Have you peeked in your child’s folder and seen our newest fundraiser? We have to admit, we’re really excited about this one!
Support our school while you shop! Buy gift cards to use as gifts or for your own shopping. You can use the forms we sent home or go online for ecards and physical gift cards by following the instructions below. Each day there are new bonuses. Ex. PetSmart is giving back 8% and Applebee’s is up to 13%. Physical gift cards are sent home by the schedule below.
Happy shopping and thanks for the support! Click here to register, enter enrollment code: 8A79529366L43

Family Movie Night

You came, you saw, you voted!!! The movie you chose for movie night is…..Toy Story 4!!!
The TAOTS PTO and Woody can’t wait to see you!
Next Friday, October 25 @6pm!
Tickets are on sale now at or you can buy next week via cash or check.

October PTO Meeting

Thursday, October 17, 2019 @ 5:30pm in Library


  • September Meeting Minutes
    • Approval of Minutes
  • Expedited election for Parent Member of SLT
  • President’s Update
  • Principal’s Update
  • Financial Report
    • September Financial Statement 
  • Upcoming Events and Fundraisers
    • Amazon Shopping
    • Box Tops
    • Election Day Bake Sale
    • CEC Meeting at TAOTS
    • Thanksgiving Pie Sale
  • Q&A and Closing Remarks

Say Cheese!

Picture day is coming up on 10/7/2019 and we are actively looking for volunteers to help make it a smooth and happy one! Perhaps you are a whiz at organizing order forms or getting kids to flash their pearly whites. If straightening collars or lining up kids in height order is your jam, we need you there too.

We thank you in advance for your time and welcome any additional suggestions you may have!