Top 10 Things For New TAOTS Parents To Do

  1. Sign up for the TAOTS email list: On average parents receive 1-2 emails per week. Sign up on the TAOTS homepage (use the email form at the bottom of the page).  Email is the fastest and easiest way to stay up to date with school/PTO news, events and alerts.  Remember to also check your child’s folder each day for any special notices.
  2. Review the official parent handbook: TAOTS parent handbook.  It’s the “go-to” resource for everything TAOTS.  If you have a question about the school or want to learn more about what makes TAOTS special, you’ll find many of the answers in the handbook.  The PTO also runs monthly meetings for parents to address questions, organize events and fundraisers.  Learn more about the PTO.
  3. Review and subscribe to the TAOTS online calendar:  The TAOTS community calendar contains dates and times for upcoming events, half days, school holidays and PTO meetings.  There is a button at the bottom of the calendar allowing you to subscribe (add the dates to your own calendar).
  4. Volunteer:  Think of at least one way you can help the school.  There are many ways to help and most require very little time commitment and add significant value to the school.  It can be as simple as joining a PTO Committee to help with grants, fundraising or events, organizing parent meetups, etc. You can also volunteer directly in the school as a parent librarian, class parent, enrichment clusters support and more.  The school contacts parents early in the year to ask for volunteers.  Complete the volunteer interest form to submit ideas or volunteer.
  5. Drop-off / Pick-up: If you plan to drive your child to school, try to arrive by  7:50am.  The TAOTS entrance on Stillwell Avenue is very crowded with traffic and pedestrians by 8am.  You can drop off your child as early as 7:30am (free breakfast is also available to everyone at that time).  Pick-up time is also very crowded and parents are advised to arrive early to find parking off of Stillwell Avenue.
  6. Class Information: Find and bookmark your child’s class webpage by visiting the school website and selecting classrooms.  From there you can review and print your class schedule, homework sheets, weekly newsletters and additional enrichment activities.  In the schedule, pay special attention to gym/dance days, library days and enrichment clusters.
  7. School Uniform: Learn about the school uniform policy and look out for sales at Old Navy, Kohls, Target, Children’s Place etc.  The school uniform is a red or white collared shirt with khaki pants/skirts/shorts.  Children wear grey sweat pants and shirts with the school name or logo on gym/dance days. Keep in mind that white shirts and khakis tend to get very dirty, so try not to spend too much since you likely have to replace a few items throughout the year.
  8. School Lunch: Review the school lunch menu and decide if you prefer to send your own lunch or purchase school lunch on specific days.
  9. Help Raise Money: There are many easy ways to fund raise while you shop at no cost to you.  You can also make a tax-deductible donation online as a one-time payment or a monthly subscription.
  10. School Health Forms: If your child has allergies, asthma or any medical condition(s), parents should visit NYC DOE School Health Forms web site and download the necessary medical forms.  If you are not sure which form is required, parent should contact the school nurse or consult with the child’s health care provider for more information.

Have fun and stay positive!  Starting school is big step and we all know how difficult it was just getting to this point.  You made it and are now part of a great school at TAOTS. Your fellow parents, the PTO, Teachers and School Administration are here to help and answer all of your questions.  With your help we can continue building TAOTS and keep it great!!

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