Goal: To form a Parent Traffic Committee. The committee will evaluate the current and future traffic concerns of our growing school to determine viable solutions and implementation strategies. This committee will work with other schools in our building and our Community Affairs officers at the 62 precinct.

Rationale: There is a heavy buildup of traffic between the hours of 7:45AM and 8:15AM. The traffic presents an unsafe environment for our students. School buses have limited space to drop off students on the Stillwell side of our building _____ ft. A gas station, located directly adjacent to our school, also presents additional safety concerns. Parents are using the bus space or double parking their cars to drop off students. There is one crossing guard on Stillwell and Kings Highway. There are two gas stations directly across from one another located at the corners of Stillwell and Kings Highway. Our school is not at full capacity. We anticipate an additional 6 classes by 2014.

Strategy: The committee will work with other schools in our building to determine each schools arrival and departure times. The committee will determine the bus space provided for each school. In addition to determining the bus space, the committee will also consider additional congestion created by neighborhood businesses (eg. Park, gas stations).  We need data to determine how many students arrive via bus or car.

Suggested Strategies:

1)      Provide alternate space for BUSES and PARENTS.

2)      The front of our building (along  Ave P), is underutilized in the AM between 7:40 and 8:15. Is it possible for ALL SCHOOL BUSES to use this space?

3)      The side of our building (along Stillwell), provides limited to no parking availability for parents who are dropping off students. Is it possible to have 1) NO PARKING on this side of the building during school hours or 2) NO PARKING before 9AM? Parents can utilize this space for a 5 minute drop off in the AM.

4)      All students who arrive via car will utilize the school yard entrance.

5)      Parent committee to assist students from car to school between 7:40 and 8:10AM

6)    The OPT School and Student Transportation for TAOTS is:


The OPT School and Student Transportation of BSI is:


7)    Our school is in the 62 precinct. Here is the link:


The direct number for Community Affairs in the 62 precinct is 718-236-2501

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