Goal Description: To introduce a pilot program for technology targeting 1st through 3rd grade classrooms. One day a week from 8:10 AM to 2:30 PM, 15 Notebooks (5 per class) will be available and delivered to the classroom site. The notebooks will arrive each morning via a security cart and placed in a designated grade location where teachers can access and disburse for their individual class. At the end of each day the security cart will be relocated to the Technology Room or re-positioned for another grade. The pilot program is scheduled to begin April 2, 2012. If successful, by September 2012 additional security carts can be purchased to incorporate the 4th grade classrooms.

Rationale: At the present time there are 30 Notebook  in our Technology Room. TAOTS fully utilizes the TR on Friday. However Monday through Thursday, notebooks are available for use. See availability schedule below:

Notebook Availability

Day of the Week Time Available # of Notebooks Available
Monday ALL DAY 24
Tuesday ALL DAY 8
Wednesday (CLUSTER DAY) 8:10 to 11AM* 24
Thursday ALL DAY 24

*Cluster Day, would prefer not to use this day…. Find out how may Notebooks are available on TUESDAY. Then adjust schedule below:

In addition to our available notebooks, we have a mobile security cart with a 16 notebook capacity. If both the cart and 15 notebooks are available, consider the following :

Class Schedule for Notebooks

Monday 3rd Grade Class (2) Parents AM & PM(1) AM parent to deliver from Technology Room to Classroom ___ (7:40am-8:10am)(1) PM parent to transfer from Classroom ___ to Classroom ___ (2pm to 2:30pm)
Wednesday 1nd Grade Class (1) PM Parent(1) parent to transfer from Classroom ___ to Classroom ___ (2pm to 2:30pm)
Thursday 2st Grade Class (1) PM Parent(1) PM parent to transfer from Classroom ___ to Technology (2pm to 2:30pm)


Strategies to Achieve Goals: 1) Incorporate lesson plans utilizing technology (math-in-focus, Skype, current events, google map – geography, Library Inventory – pre-search for books, wegivebooks.com); 2) Coordinate with Ms. Nakos availability for notebooks and mobile cart; 2) Create a Grade Schedule; 3) Mobilize and train a Volunteer Parent Committee.




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