Dear TAOTS Teachers,

The PTO of TAOTS is, as always, committed to supporting our teachers as they seek to enrich the academic experience of our children each day.  We would like to remind you that we have once again allocated funds in our 2019-2020 budget for Teacher’s Choice expenditures and trip sponsorships to reduce some of your expenses.

Teacher’s choice allocations allow for up to $125 in reimbursements per classroom teacher or $500 per specialty class teacher for purchases made for instructional materials and basic supplies for the use of all students in your classrooms or specialty courses.   To submit items for reimbursement please complete the Teacher’s Choice Accountability Form for Reimbursement before May 31, 2020.

Each class is also entitled to a trip sponsorship of up to $200.  Please make your requests prior to your trip by completing the PTO Trip Funding Request Form.  Please also indicate on your trip permission form that your trip was sponsored by the PTO.  These forms can be found on the TAOTS PTO website ( in the Resources menu under the title, “Teacher Resources”.

We appreciate all that you do for our children each day and hope you will take advantage of our efforts to support you in your endeavors.

Best regards,


Useful forms and documents for teachers:

Please fill up the form and send it back to us via our PTO mailbox.

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