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Interested in joining the PTO?

The school is seeking parents interesting in serving on the PTO for the 2013-2014 school year. PTO Nominations will take place at the May 15th PTO General Meeting.  Elections will be held at our June PTO General Meeting.  All candidates should be prepared to attend the May and June meetings. If there are more candidates than positions available, you will be asked to make a short speech explaining why you would like to hold the position you are applying for.  If you are interested in becoming an Officer of the PTO Executive Board, please complete the application and return it to the PTO Nominating Committee.

Learn more about the PTO positions >

Download an Complete the PTO application >


Interested in joining the School Leadership Team?

The school is also seeking parents interesting in joining the School Leadership Team (SLT) for the 2013-2015 school years (two year positions).  SLTs are school-based organizations composed of an equal number of parents and staff.  They meet at least once a month, and determine the structure for school-based planning and shared decision-making.

Nominations will take place during May 15, 2013 General PTO meeting. If you are interested in running for the position, fill out the Willingness To Serve Application and return to PTO office by May 1, 2013. Elections will take place at the June General PTO meeting.

Learn more about the SLT >

Download and complete the SLT application >

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